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Being a specialist in regular and warranty service for all makes of vehicles, DRC Automotive is a perfect partner for your vehicle. Our team is manufacturer trained in all of the major brands and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service and mechanical repairs for your vehicle. All major manufacturers of modern vehicles employ complex computerised systems to run the car and monitor all of its functions. It is extremely important that the mechanical repairs and maintenance are performed by qualified mechanics with the aid of the right diagnostics equipment, knowledge and experience.

DRC Automotive have all of the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic hardware and software to access your cars computer, as well as being specialists in air conditioning, fuel injection, and many other automotive systems.


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Address: 9 George Court, Greensborough vic 3088
Contact person: Dion Clayton
Phone: 03 9432 7500
Fax: 03 9432 7514

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